Monday, September 26, 2005

Kitzmiller v. Dover Trial Begins Today in Harrisburg

The trial begins today with opening statements and testimony from expert witness Kenneth R. Miller, Ph.D., a professor of biology at Brown University. Dr. Miller is a cell biologist whose work focuses on the structure and function of biological membranes and membrane proteins. He has published more that 50 research papers in scientific journals and coauthored several nationally-known high school and college textbooks. Dr. Miller has been on the Brown University faculty since 1982.

Dr. Miller has this to say about intelligent design: "Intelligent Design is a new anti-evolution movement that has been presented as an alternative to an older formulation known as "creation science." It argues that an unnamed "designer" must have been responsible for much of the process, although it presents no evidence for the actions of such a designer. Theological explanations may be correct, of course, but they cannot be tested by methods of science and are therefore not science." Read Dr. Miller's entire statement.

Read the court documents, including a memo from the Dover Area School District science teachers, who chose to "opt out" of reading a statement on intelligent design during their biology lessons.


Blogger Frank said...

Is there anything that a "friend of the court" can do in this case. I'm not familiar with the legal system, but could I file an amicus curiae on behalf of the ACLU? Please let me know, thanks.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Franky (and others who may feel the same way): The ACLU of PA greatly appreciates your expression of support. Now, while the trial is going on and witnesses are testifying, is not an appropriate time to file "friend of the court" papers with the judge. He may or may not give permission for filings by people who are not parties to the case when briefs are submitted after trial. Meanwhile, keep yourself well informed, talk to your friends and acquaintances about the issues, and be sure to go to to join the ACLU as a member and to make a donation to support the expenses of pursuing this important case. -- Peter G (member of the Board of the ACLU-PA)

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ken Miller's statement was outstanding! Thank you for the site,a nd thank you for including it! Rock On Dudes!

10:36 AM  

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