Friday, December 09, 2005

Adding insult to injury?

I must admit, I'm starting to feel sorry for the residents of Dover. (But hey, that won't stop me from watching the show and giggling along.)

From the York Daily Record:


The satirical news program "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" came to town Monday to, once again, make fun of Dover.

Correspondent Samantha Bee spent the day in the area reporting on what it's like to live in a town that, according to televangelist Pat Robertson, has been forsaken by God for voting out school board members who supported including intelligent design in the high school biology curriculum, said Matt Polidoro, a producer with the show.

The piece is expected to air next week.

The show, a parody of broadcast journalism, last reported on Dover during a special week of reports in September titled "Evolution Schmevolution."

Sara in Philly


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Double the ACLUs sales? Wow! Now you can just sell civil liberties! Hell of an idea. No need for litigation, folks can just buy a pack of liberty dust and toss it in peoples faces and "poof," their ignorance and discrimination will stop. Santa feeds a similar dust to his reindeer on Xmas eve. It could work.

10:39 AM  
Blogger FishyFred said...

Any recent word on when Judge Jones will be ready to rule?

10:45 AM  

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