Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Three sentences summarize importance of emergency contraception

Last week Erin Varner of Crisis Center North in Pittsburgh had an op-ed in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about access to emergency contraception for rape victims. In one short paragraph, she summarized why the passage of PA House Bill 288 is so important for rape victims.
When victims of any other crimes are injured, they receive the highest standard of care available when brought into a hospital. Gun shot, stabbing and choking wounds are surgically repaired, bandaged and the patient is provided with follow-up care. Victims of rape are not guaranteed the highest standard of care.

Unfortunately, there are some powerful lobbyists who feel that hospitals should have an exemption that allows them to only follow the law if they feel like it. Science has proven that emergency contraception does not cause an abortion, but there are some radicals who still think that rape victims don't deserve the best care scientifically possible.

And these are the same radicals who think it's OK to discriminate against gay foster kids.

Andy in Harrisburg

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