Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Murder Victims' Families join the blogosphere

We're excited to hear that one of our allies, Murder Victims Families for Human Rights, has launched a new blog at www.mvfhr.blogspot.com. MVFHR is a group of murder victims' family members who oppose the death penalty, and the organization is a member of the Pennsylvania Moratorium Coalition. From their kick-off post today:
Jeanette Popp believes the death penalty should be abolished so that it can no longer be used as a threat to coerce confessions from innocent people. But when she first learned that the two men she had believed were guilty might not be guilty after all, her most pressing question was, has the original story been a lie? Everything she thought she knew about her daughter’s murder was now called into question.

The MVFHR team knows what its doing and is a major reason why New Jersey has a moratorium on the death penalty and will probably soon abolish capital punishment. Check them out.

Andy in Harrisburg

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