Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bush signs bill bolstering Freedom of Information Act

And in other news, "Seven-Year-Old Eats Broccoli".

Yes, on Monday, President Bush quietly signed a bill to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act. The law now requires documents to be released unless to do so would cause harm, builds greater expediency to the process, and a variety of other things to make the whole process easier and more user-friendly.

Smintheus over at Daily Kos has more.

Now we'll all wait for the Boston Globe story next week about Bush's signing statement and his intent to completely ignore the law.

Andy in Harrisburg

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Blogger Thomas Jackson said...

When the President signed the Open Government Act of 2007 in the 11th Hour, he did nonetheless crack the door. It will take a full year for Government to become “open,” with the built in12 month delay in the in new law, but it will open the door. For the first time since the original act was implemented, federal government officials can be held accountable for violating the law. Had this new act been in place last year, the officials that used and twisted the act to keep documents out of the hands of a Coast Guard employee would be on a Federal Court Docket trying to stave off fines and jail time. TJ
And as a blogger am I a journalist? I certainly have more readers in more countries around the world than many small papers I'm aware of. The Thomas Jackson Center for Equal Civil Rights stats supports that.

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