Thursday, January 31, 2008

York Dispatch: Real ID "intrusive -- and obnoxious"

Yesterday the York Dispatch became the latest Pennsylvania newspaper to editorialize against the Real ID Act.
...possibly the most intrusive federal mandate ever...

The national ID initiative as it exists codifies a mob reaction to terror -- "security is all" -- reminiscent of that used by dictatorial and other repressive regimes for political and population control since the mid 19th century.

It has no place in a nation where the ideals of expanding individual freedom are held to be paramount. The battle has to be joined in Washington to repeal this curb on our liberties.

It is a fight none of us can afford to lose.

The Dispatch follows fast on the heels of the Philadelphia Inquirer, which made its statement on January 17.

Andy in Harrisburg



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real ID is truly a real BAD idea. I it the sort of fraudulent compromise that typifies the worse of democracy.

Since the establishment of a true national identification card is a political impossibility, its advocates have put the onus on the states, to disarm their critics.

The use of a driver's license as an identification card at the state level is already a fraudulent compromise. A license to engage in some specific activity, an activity that many people do not have a need to engage in, should not be used for the purpose of identification.

Instead of "Real ID", we should have an "Honest ID", and only to the extent that it is actually needed.

10:37 AM  

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