Monday, February 18, 2008

Admit it. That was no doubt your first thought when you poked your head out from under the covers this morning, wasn't it? The Heritage Foundation's doomsday clock has been ticking for 15 hours, 12 min., 12 sec. (No. 32 sec...55 sec.! Oh God! Hold me!) and we've not yet been attacked.

Ah ha! Proof of an intelligent designer!

Because certainly, there can be no other explanation, which you know because, if you're like me, you had a discussion this past weekend with some family members, who shook their heads and moaned the danger we now face because of those soft-on-terror Democrats.

When you tried to explain to them that the fact that the Democrats have finally exhibited a spine and refused to give in immediately to the carte blanche demands of the Bush Administration's blanket immunity to the telecoms does not mean that we have handed over all weapons in the war on terror, these are also the same family members who suddenly turn blank faced and whimper, "It's all so complicated. I just don't know who to believe!" And then they inevitably follow up with such gems as, "But shouldn't we be willing to trust our government?" and "If people have nothing to hide, why should they care?"

So, when Uncle Mel starts to shake his head and pout the next time the subject of illegal wiretapping comes up (Just can't keep your mouth shut, can you?) send along this easy-to-understand video designed to make the complicated sound simple for even the least astute of your family relatives. Look Auntie Anna, it's a cartoon! With snuggly talking bears! (Warning: The viewer must be able to understand the concept of irony.)

Lauri in York

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