Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Will you watch the House read the Constitution?

The House is scheduled to open their session tomorrow with a public reading of the U.S. Constitution.  You can watch live on C-SPAN beginning at 10:00 AM. I'm sure it will be on around the office here - we're all looking forward to the looks of shock and astonishment when they get to that part about "establishment of religion."

This move by the new House majority certainly has stimulated debate.  Speaking for myself, while I might disagree with the motives behind this particular reading, I don't see how starting a session by reading aloud the document Congress is sworn to uphold can be a bad thing.

One thing the Pope and I agree on (is it the only thing?  I wonder if he thinks chocolate is delicious...) is that it's a lot easier to read a document out loud than to live by it.  My guess is even after a public reading of the Constitution, America is still going to need the ACLU.

Then again, maybe Congress will finish reading, wipe away their patriotic tears, and throw open the doors of Guantanamo Bay.  They draw up a repeal of DOMA on a napkin, and throw in repeals of USA PATRIOT and the Military Commissions Act while they're at it.  As they're joined in singing the little-known second verse of the Star Spangled Banner, Habeas Corpus returns from his nine-year vacation and all is right in the United States.

Wouldn't that be a hell of day on C-SPAN.

So what are your thoughts on this public reading of the Constitution?  Will you be watching?

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