Thursday, February 24, 2011

Next week at the state capitol

Two weeks ago, little did we know that the fun was only beginning at the state capitol.

The death penalty is a let's expand it. Huh?
On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on House Bill 317. This bill will add a new aggravating circumstance for capital cases. A person could get the death penalty if the homicide also involves a sex offense and the defendant was required to register under Megan's Law at the time. There are already 19 aggravating circumstances that could lead to the death penalty, and one of those is committing homicide in the course of committing another felony. But with HB 317, we want to be very, very, extra special sure that the person gets death.

The Everyone an ICE Agent Act of 2011
On Monday, the House Labor and Industry Committee will vote on House Bill 439. This bill would penalize any licensed employer in PA who hires a person without papers by taking the employer's license. Of course, the bill doesn't explain how the licensing board or commission is supposed to determine that the business did hire an undocumented immigrant. Does this bill only kick in if the employer is cited by the federal government? Does the licensing board have to conduct its own investigations and train its members as ICE agents?

Can't we just put them on double secret probation?

State Constitution? We don't need no stinkin' state constitution
It hasn't been posted yet, but the word is that the Senate Education Committee will vote on Tuesday on Senate Bill 1, the school vouchers bill. We contend- convincingly, of course- that SB 1 violates not one, not two, but three different provisions of the state constitution. Our legal analysis and our testimony on SB 1 are both available on our legislative webpage.

Meanwhile, back on the floor....
We don't expect floor votes this week on any bills on which the ACLU of PA has a position, but SB 3- prohibiting insurance coverage for abortion in the insurance exchanges- and SB 9- requiring government-issued ID for public aid- both continue to linger on the Senate calendar. Both bills are expected to detour to the Senate Appropriations Committee, but I also expect them to get a floor vote at some point soon.

You see what I have to deal with on a daily basis? Truth is, though, that I love it.

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Anonymous Mary Holmes Dague said...

Pennsylvania has always been an embarrassment as the colony that hosted so much history. (Ben Franklin excepted!!!!!)

I simply find it hard to believe he legislature has sunk so slow, and the voters allowed it to happen.

I'm glad you like your job but these antiquated NEW bills have to be defeated. They are all just insane.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Thanks, Mary. Just to be clear, I love my job but wish the legislature would stop attacking our civil liberties.

9:39 AM  
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