Monday, April 25, 2011

This week at the state capitol

It's a short week at the state capitol, with session just tomorrow and Wednesday. Hopefully the General Assembly can keep the attacks on civil liberties to a dull roar.

Senate Bill 1, re: taxpayer-funded private school vouchers, will likely get a Senate floor vote this week. If it's coming up for a vote, that probably means it's going to pass, but for a few weeks, there's been speculation that the votes weren't there to pass it since the planned vote the week of April 11 imploded. Either way, this vote will probably be a heckuva lot closer than supporters would have liked. And that's good for those of in opposition.

A few bills continue to linger on their respective chamber's calendars- Senate Bill 637, forcing state contractors to use the Big Brotherly E-Verify database program, and House Bill 574, forcing new and extremely expensive- as in going-out-of-business expensive- regulations on abortion clinics. Neither bill has yet been to their appropriations committees, though, and that is typical protocol. The House will probably finish up its welfare reform debate, including House Bill 1297, which forces some recipients of public aid to take drug tests.

I probably don't need to say this, but we oppose everything listed above. And you can always find our latest public statements on legislation at our legislative webpage.