Friday, March 23, 2007

Our government is holding children as young as 2 in prison-like conditions

With all of this focus on immigration the last two weeks, how appropriate that national ACLU has released a short video about an immigrant detention facility in Texas. In their words...
This two-minute Freedom Files video short provides a shocking glimpse into conditions at a Texas facility to detain immigrants run by the Department of Homeland Security. Of the approximately 400 detainees at the Hutto Detention Facility, many are children who belong to refugee families seeking political asylum in the U.S. after escaping persecution in their country of origin.

The video introduces viewers to children like two-year-old Angie and her older sister Nixcari, who had been confined for months in the bleak, barbed-wire encased Hutto facility, where children wear prison garb and are held in small cells for the majority of each day. Recreational time is severely limited as are educational opportunities. Access to medical, dental and mental health treatment is inadequate. From one mother who was confined with her 12-year-old: "…a psychological trauma my daughter and I will carry with us for the rest of our lives."

Watch the video.

Andy in Harrisburg



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