Friday, May 18, 2007

Common sense on justice

On Monday, the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on Senate Bill 232, which would expunge an ex-offender's record under certain circumstances, and on Senate Bill 1060 from last session, which would severely limit the power of employers to discriminate against ex-offenders. This is common sense legislation, as evidenced by the bi-partisan (albeit 75% Democrats) group of co-sponsors, including the primary sponsor, Senator Stewart Greenleaf, who is an R from Montgomery County.

It's heartwarming when this kind of enlightened legislation is in play in Harrisburg, even if there is a long road to hoe from committee to the governor's desk. Even after their prison sentences end, ex-offenders continue to pay for their crimes in job discrimination. It's not a leap to say that recidivism would drop if reentry was not fraught with so many high bars to reach.

Our own Larry Frankel will be testifying at Monday's hearing. You can read his testimony (PDF) at our website.

Andy in Harrisburg

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