Monday, September 10, 2007

Voice of which people?

One must be quite brazen to call his organization "Voice of the People." Apparently, "the people" that VOP speaks for are those who believe in political assassinations.

As pointed out by regular contributor Alan in the comments section, Frank Jorge of Latino Americans for Immigration Reform and the Antelope Valley Independent Minutemen had this to say at the VOP rally in Harrisburg on September 1:
Let me share with you what I think may happen in these United States of America because I am convinced that if something does not change we will dive headlong into a civil war...Grandmothers have told me, "Hey, I'm locked and loaded. I'm ready, baby. Let's go." (crowd cheers)

We do not know how the violent phase of this process will begin. Conceivably, maybe one of those who have had one of theirs killed by an illegal alien will utilize their second amendment rights to take out the killer and, in addition, take out a politician that made it possible for that to occur. (crowd cheers) Politicians will respect you, politicians will acknowledge your power when they see a round flying through their windshields and into their flesh. (crowd laughter) That will get their attention.

Andy in Harrisburg

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which is scarier? That someone is preaching this kind of crap, or that there are that many people cheering it?

10:25 PM  

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