Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A quick note on blog maintenance

Our readers may notice that a few comments have been deleted, each leaving behind a little note, "This post has been removed by a blog administrator." Being that we're the ACLU, I wanted to clarify that the only comments we delete are spam - meaning they are clearly unrelated the conversation and posted solely to advertise other sites or products. Typically these comments say something like "Hey, great blog and very interesting" followed by two or more links to unrelated topics like "Best Elliptical Trainer" or "Online Casino" or something.

Any post that is not spam will be left unmodified. Those of us who work on Speaking Freely discussed this recently, and there was a unanimous agreement that free speech takes precedence. We will not delete or edit comments for being oppositional, wrong-headed, offensive, or tangential. If there's any doubt whether a post is spam or not, we'll leave it be. Rest assured that anything you see deleted was of no relevance or interest - unless you're in the market for herbal marital aids.

That is all.

Chris in Philly


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