Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sexting: A Teen's Thoughts

As a teenaged girl, it seems like guys never get in trouble for anything when it comes to sexual behavior. This is especially true in the recent sexting case that was heard in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit. Since we are all supposed to be equal, why are girls the only one’s who get in trouble for sexting? Adults say that sexting is wrong, but in this situation, girls are the ones being charged with a crime and forced to deal with the consequences. If a guy sent around a nude picture of himself, most people would write it off with “boys will be boys”. But if a girl does it, she could be arrested! This makes me wonder: if a guy sends me a nude picture of himself, am I wrong for having that picture in there, even though he is the one who took it? As a young woman I feel this is totally unfair. Guys should be held just as responsible as girls in these situations.

As if the unequal treatment of guys and girls isn’t enough, I also feel this is an invasion of privacy. Cell phones are supposed to be private, so what they are used for should be the owner’s business and no one else’s. What is in my phone is personal and I feel I should be able to have anything I would like to have in there. Although I am not a participant in sexting, I feel it is not as harmful as some adults may think. Everybody should be able to do whatever they want with their own body. My body belongs to me and no one else, so I should be the only one with control over it.

Demia in Philadelphia

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Blogger Zah said...

i totally agree with you.

love ur blog.

6:48 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

The Wyoming County case is a particularly egregious example of unequal treatment between the girls in the photos and the boys who possess the photos.

Of course, there is at least one DA out there who is nuts on this whether its a boy or girl- Perry County. Boys are being charged there.

The whole situation stinks and is another example of DAs gone mad.

9:35 AM  
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Blogger Unknown said...

I agree with you you say right about what teenage think and what they want to guys.

5:54 AM  
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