Thursday, March 03, 2011

Video: Kitzmiller v Dover is on the web!

NOVA produced a pretty great episode a couple of years ago about our 2005 case against teaching intelligent design in science classes, Kitzmiller v Dover Area School District. It's almost two hours long and examines the case from several angles, and it's pretty entertaining - and it's actually a pretty good two-hour lesson on the basic tenets of both intelligent design and evolution theory, including the origins of the flagellum, the relevance of using a mousetrap as a tie clip, and the missing link between creation and intelligent design, "cdesign proponentsists."

The video is available on the web for free. The embedded version below comes from Google Video, which loads considerably faster than the one at While I'm at it, I'll also plug Devil in Dover, a book about the trial written by ACLU of Pennsylvania board member Lauri Lebo, who also appears in the NOVA episode.

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