Thursday, August 09, 2012

Philadelphia office seeks special event project consultant

The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania is holding its 2012 Bill of Rights Dinner, to be presented this year on October 10 at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia. We are seeking an individual very experienced in events management to assist with planning and execution. The event is an annual awards banquet, this year recognizing Rep. Babette Josephs and Dechert LLP for contributions to protecting civil liberties. We expect about 275 people. The evening includes reception, silent auction, dinner and program. We need assistance with caterer, promotion, guest relations, program book, day-of-event, silent auction, and other tasks. This is a short-term, part-time, paid position in our Philadelphia office with flexible hours. Work on October 10, day of the event, is required. Interested individuals, please send letter and resume on or before August 27 to Bruce Makous at; 215-592-1513 x118. ACLU of Pennsylvania is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Women, people of color, persons with disabilities, ethnic and religious minorities, and LGBT persons are encouraged to apply.

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Blogger WIRE said...

In Pennsylvania alone there are tens of thousands of people using fake-IDs (easy to get on the internet and elsewhere). Compare that with a few dozen, at most, cases of voter fraud. IF the new voter-ID law was a sincere effort to make sure each voter is a valid citizen of the state (and of eligible age), then the law should logically target the greater threat of possible voter fraud - the existence of untold thousands of fake-IDs?

I would propose that the new voter-ID law should require that ALL Pennsylvania voters get the newly issued state IDs that have the hologram "PA" embossed on the front. Since the new ID was created only a minority of PA citizens have replaced their old license with the new anti-fraud license.

It would seem to me that unless the law addresses the greater threat to voter-fraud and require ALL PA citizens to have a NEW valid anti-fraud ID, then anything less would be discriminatory. So in its present form, the voter-ID law is unfair and unconstitutional, because it targets valid citizens who have been voting for years, and ignores the greater threat of fake-IDs.

I can easily guess how supporters (Republicans) would panic at the thought that their efforts against imaginary voter fraud would force millions of Pennsylvanians to rush out to get new anti-fraud driver's licenses. Or denounce the whole, ridiculous effort altogether, and see it for what it really is.

BTW, this argument would apply to all of those states that are passing similar voter-ID laws. Fake IDs are a national problem; likely amounting to millions in use.

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