Wednesday, August 01, 2012

VIDEOS: Voter ID Day 5 - The impact of voter ID

I had the opportunity on Tuesday to sit down with two of the witnesses who gave testimony. On the stand, both spoke to the impact voter ID has had on them, their organizations, or their communities, and expressed concern about the consequences if the law is allowed to stand.

First, I sat down with Steve Jarrell, an SEIU employee and decorated Air Force veteran, who took it upon himself to visit his local PennDOT office in July. Steve found PennDOT sorely unprepared, and in fact disseminating incorrect information about the new requirements. Here he is:

Later in the day I spoke with John Jordan of the NAACP of Pennsylvania. John's work with the NAACP puts him in touch with thousands of people who are impacted, and in his testimony he expressed (a) grave concern about the lack of awareness about the law, and (b) sincere doubt as to whether it's even possible to educate voters before the November election. Here, he describes how efforts to educate people about voter ID have taken resources away from voter registration and recruiting efforts.

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