Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What is the sound of one head banging?

The Discovery Institute is still flailing over the very public flogging of intelligent design a year and a half ago. Three articles- two pro-ID (written by DI peeps) and one anti-ID- appear in the latest issue of the Montana Law Review. Ed over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars has a run down.
I love the title of the first section of Irons' article: THE DISCOVERY INSTITUTE'S EFFORTS TO "SWIFT-BOAT" JUDGE JONES. This is a very important bit of work because he documents, as I and others have done, the DI's campaign to smear Judge Jones in order to sow doubt about his ruling.

This really demonstrates, as much as anything, the purely political nature of the ID movement. In response to the ruling, the Discovery Institute behaved exactly like partisan political groups behave: truth be damned, undermine your opponent with distortions, half-truths and ad hominem attacks designed to damage their standing in the eyes of their followers.

Unfortunately, Ed also forewarns us of another brouhaha over intelligent design that is brewing in Virginia. Reading this post brings back warm memories of one of my favorite parts of blogging the ID issue. The readers comments are always hilarious.

As for the ID'ers, I feel like that scene in Tommy Boy where Tommy says, "Please go away, let me sleep, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!"

Andy in Harrisburg

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